Thursday, October 17, 2013

Silhouette Cameo vs. Cricut throwdown

Last year I got a Cricut Mini plus a couple of cartridges for Christmas.  Very fun but honestly I've hardly used it the past few months.  So i decided to early Christmas myself this year by getting the Silhouette Cameo.  Wow.  Just wow.

  1. It has to be hooked up to the Internet to be used
  2. You can only use images/fonts that come on the cartridges
  3. For the most part, the designs are too cutesy for my taste
  4. Cartridges are expensive, especially if you won't use many of the designs
  5. The error rate on cuts (ripping instead of cutting, eg) is high
  6. Online access can be glitchy
  1. Would be good for someone just starting out who wants to cut and go
  2. Cheap unit but not in the long run due to the cartridges--mine came from Costco with a bunch of accessories and included designs for $99
  3. Small footprint but that comes at a price--narrow cutting width

  1. I can use any font on my computer and cut it out (or write it although I've not tried that feature yet)
  2. I can scan one of my stamped images, import it into the program, and design a cut file--I may never have to fussy cut again (squee!)
  3. The selection of online designs available from Silhouette as well as others is HUGE.   And cheap.  I've seen very few more than $.99.  It's like having the Dollar Store on your computer.  Dude!
  4. I can work with the Cameo without it being hooked up to my computer because it has an SD card slot--haven't played with that yet tho. 
  5. Familiar tools and options as I work with Photoshop and Illustrator regularly.  Don't let that scare you tho--that's true in the more advanced features which you might never use.

  1. I hadn't realized the machine would be so big.  It's very light in weight but it cuts 12" wide so the machine itself is wide.  A con for me as I have limited craft space.  Also a pro, however, because now I don't have to cut down my 12x12 paper
  2. You have to upgrade the software (retail $50 but can get cheaper for sure) in order to use what I would consider to be key features like ruler guides.  Very lame.
  3. I find the guides to help you load the mat hard to discern and figure out.  I've used my washi to help me in that dept.
Although I would love to toss out the Cricut to make more room in my craft space, I'll be keeping it for now so I can use the cartridges I do have or at least until I either figure out how to get the same images into my Cameo or give up on the idea altogether.  Probably the latter ;-)

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