Monday, June 25, 2018

Beach Herd

This totally didn't start out this way, I swear.  I was picturing a couple or three critters but next thing you know I had filled nearly the entire card.  At least I left a little strip for the beach. LOL.

It was challenging to color all the different shades of gray for the ellies. All that gray was so very gray I'm glad for the pops of color with the accessories and purple hippos.  I had planned to do some punny sentiment with the herd of hippos and elephants which is why I left out the rhinos (a bunch of rhinos is a crash).  Of course, I didn't even use that idea!

The Details:  Neat and Tangled Beach Day, Your Next Stamp Aloha and Spectacular Phoebe and Friends, Copics, Ranger Multi Medium Matte


  1. Dang, that's a whole lotta masking for the most fabulous lookin' card. (chuckling about the glasses)

  2. Absolutely love this card and you did a fantastic job with the masking.


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