Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Grand Stamp Re-organization Unveiling

I was in such an excited tizzy when I saw the Avery Elle stamp sleeves.  O.M.G.  Were they reading my mind?  I hate, hate, hate the typical thin cellophane packages that rip the moment you try to slide your stamps back in.  Hate!  Well, these aren't perfect but they are a darn sight better than those (I managed to tear an AE one down the side but quickly learned I can't stick my whole hand in there to retrieve something--duh)

So, the above pic is obviously before.  I had some of my stamps stored in the two containers in their original packaging.  If a set was smaller I had them in a separate bin, if larger in a drawer.  Plus, I had a binder full of stamps using a different type of sleeve. Way too many places to lose a stamp!

I've switched to the Avery Elle sleeves as you can see with the bottom pic.  Isn't it beautiful?  Dreamy sigh.  So neatly organized.  Swoon.  I had seen Jennifer McGuire's video so gathered some good tips from there and have come up with a list of my process.
  • I cut the inserts out of inexpensive white cardstock at 5-3/8 x 7-1/4".
  • I prepared my labels using Avery 5267 1/2 x 1-3/4" return address labels.
    • I don't know that I'll use these for this purpose in the future but since I was doing so many at once, it was the fastest way.
    • I use these labels for a couple of other purposes too--as identifiers on the backs of my cards with my name and blog address as well as color coding for my stamp pads (see pic 2 Distress Inks).
  • Many of my sets fit right in.  For those that didn't, I either put them on a different size sheet of plastic (transparency film) or simply cut apart the existing sheet.
  • If I had the matching dies or a mask, I went ahead and put those in the same sleeve on the backside.
  • For small sets, I would combine them by manufacturer in the same sleeve.
  • I alphabetized the sleeves by manufacturer.  I also created sections just for backgrounds, Halloween and Christmas.
  • I cut chipboard at 5-3/8 x 7-3/4" to act as dividers.
  • I then made divider labels for the manufacturers I either use most or had the most of.  Remember that old timey label maker you bought because it's so retro cool from childhood but it's been gathering dust since?  Yup.  I know.  Makes the best labels for this.  I did use Scor Tape to adhere the labels since the adhesive they come with isn't very strong.
  • These sleeves fit perfectly in the containers I already had which I got from my local Freddy's for ~$4.  They're called Homz modular stacking system and are 16.25 x 7 x 6.125".  They do come with lids which I've placed beneath each container where they act like sliders.  Really easy to pull a bin partially out and slide it right back.
So there you have it.  And now that this reorg project is done, I can clean up the desk surface a bit and get back to actual card making.  I'd like to say my desk is almost never like you see it in picture 2 but that would be such a lie.  :-)


  1. Woohoo! THANK YOU for posting about this! I am in desperate NEED of doing something like this... ;) HUGS! :) Mynn xx

  2. woooww Toni you have much stamp...and much place hehehe (SMILE) I have only a little table and cant managed my stamp...I must remember where I put which stamp...also I have only 4 drawers and its full with ribbon ink and also copic and DP...the cupboard I have put my puncher and also papers...its full and only less place for my stamp haha..I must do it soon to reorganized my stamp cupboard...great idea Toni...I just want to hopping to your post..hope you have little time to visiting me back teamy...Monika, HOC DT


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