Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Halloween Project of the Season

The decos for the office party are up and the potluck foods are making their way into the room.  My puking pumpkin turned out fab--thanks to my sweetie for carving.  We didn't have room on the platter for all of the veggies so the radishes, olives and cucumbers are in bowls in front of the raised platter.

I have to say it was very fun creating all the signage.  I just printed them but perhaps next year would spice them up with diecuts and such.

artichoke spinach dip from Costco = pumpkin puke
celery = zombie bones
carrots = witch fingers
peppers = veins and ligaments
olives = hatched spider eggs (accompanied by a rubber spider)
cucumbers = slices shaped into skulls
radishes = eyes of newt (bought ones in a bunch and left the root on to represent optical nerves)
pita chips = Hannibal's skin chips
Cheesy Larvae = mac & cheese
Maggots au Gratin = mac & cheese (they're having a mac & cheese off)
Hansel & Gretel pies
Monster munchies = people will invariably bring chips
Pick your poison = various drinks
graveyard dirt = chocolate dessert
pumpkin poop = chana masala
salad = Seymour's salad
grapes = peeled eyeballs


  1. the face of the pumpkin really yikks Toni
    but great project you this..

  2. I have to show this photo to the kids, they will think its the funniest thing ever....I certainly do!!!


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