Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ink Storage

I recently bought the entire line of Hero Arts Ombre Inks.  Aren't they fab?  I cataloged them like I do all of my other inks; I had worked up my own grid in Word and have used it for all brands of ink except for the ombre (I combined rows to make them taller).  I designed it based on the size of PTI Square Prints.  I love that each brand can have its own square design.

At the same time I ink up the chart with a new color of ink, I also ink up a self-adhesive mailing label.  This I cut down into mini labels that I place on the front and side of the pad for easy visual identification.

Of course, with these additional pads, I am again reminded that I have exceeded the capacity of my current storage solutions.  I've found a couple of nice options but I think I'll mention this to my partner and see if that piques his interest enough to design the organizer in house.   

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  1. Looks awesome, can I put in my pre-order for a duplicate ink storage system :)


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