Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Organizing Craft Supplies in Ikea Alex Drawers

On Facebook I've talked about my worst crafty purchase of 2015.  Now let's talk about my best.  Oh, I love so many of the other crafty things I collected, but the Alex drawers transformed my workspace and work style.  That's a lot of goodness in one box!
Picture 1:  I'm going to show you the contents of my short and wide Alex.  I've had the tall one for a long time but it doesn't get nearly as much use.  I've thought about that a bit and have decided it's because of shape.  The tall one has lots of drawers and has a small footprint; this is great!  BUT, the small footprint means narrow drawers that, in Ikea style, don't pull out all the way so it's difficult to get to anything in the back so I just don't put anything back there which means wasted space.  No such difficulties with the Alex wide.  Although, again, the drawers don't pull out all the way, they're wide enough I can more easily shift things around to store less used stuff behind more used stuff.

Notice I have my Cameo on top.  This is wonderful.  I'm more apt to use it now plus I still have room to put a bin on top which is where I put things that need to be put away.  It's helping me reduce craft sprawl.  To protect the surface from my inky messes, I added an Ikea deskpad.  Also note there are 3 short drawers and 3 tall drawers in the unit.  It's a great use of limited space.

1st drawer:
Adhesives and acrylic blocks.  The white narrow organizers are XXX brand and very inexpensive.  The wider one on the right is a an InterDesign Fridge Binz.  There's just enough room between to store my Ranger craft mat.  Note this is as far as the drawers will pull out; there's another 4" or so remaining.
2nd drawer:  
Mostly embossing stuff.  There are 2 narrow Fridge Binz in the center.  I could move the first white bin with punches as I hardly use those.
3rd drawer:
Mixed media--gelatos, watercolors, pastels, 2 layers of acrylics
4th drawer:
Sponging supplies, alcohol inks, powder dyes, costco gloves, my giant roll of double-sided Scor-tape

5th drawer:  
Ink pads I don't use as often, gouache, box of mixed media pens, Stamping Majig.
6th drawer:  
Glittery bits and bobs.  Really just a drawer waiting to happen because I could easily move most of this stuff into the tall Alex and not miss it.


  1. I have four of those low and wide Alex drawers myself, they are sooo fab - of course, mine are NOWHERE NEAR as tidy as yours are! Your workdesk looks fab


  2. WOW! You are certainly one lucky girl! These are so awesome and look great in your space. Congrats! Hugs, Autumn

  3. Fun to see your so well organised supplies. The thing that really struck home was the place to put stuff that needed putting away!! So simple, but just what I need to have. My desks are buried under the use and shove method. Will be adding this to my desk very soon and hoping for one of the years small miracles. Thanks for sharing. Hugz


Thanks so much for your comments. I really enjoy and appreciate them all!